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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A PASTORAL DIALOGUE, a sonnet by James L.S. Carter

                                                         A PASTORAL DIALOGUE

                                                                by James L.S. Carter



                                              Oh you don't live, eat, sleep well everyday
                                              ! Reform yourself !   ! Corydon's son, begin !

                                              Nomea, I support you in all you say,
                                              In all you do: in that I little sin.

                                              For my and your health you care not a pin,
                                              Theognis. Come now.  ! Carefully confer !
                                              I know that I am fat and you are thin.
                                              In my support for you I maybe err.

                                              I shall not live long son. I do aver
                                              Survival brief my future life awaits.

                                               Say not I'll lose Nomea, lose not her
                                               Else also I shall end in desperate straights.

                                               Theognis lazy indifference creates
                                               His wife's, mother's, father's fates.

                                              Copyright James L.S. Carter  January 2016, Edinburgh





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