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Tuesday, 17 April 2018



                                                          A TOAD IN THE HOLE

                                                                   by Eagle Brave

Why am I here? I asked myself! I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t! 
I tried to touch; everything I touched had a shape of sponge very soft and smooth! 
I tried to open my mouth and shout I couldn’t! I was in a very big deep hole. 
I slapped my face to wake myself up; still my mind was very far! I was very thirsty but couldn’t see any water there! 
My stomach was making noise, I was very hungry I needed food; I couldn’t see any food there!
 I thought I was going to die. In my dream, I could see myself breathing the last breath. 
On other side, my mind tells me to keep fighting! 
I breathed in and breathed out strongly! I manage to open my eyes. 
In front of me, was a very tall creature I have never seen before! I closed my eyes and say ‘oh God help me! 
That’s when I heard a big voice bursting through my ears like thunderstorm ‘run!’ I started running towards the end of the path! 
I couldn’t see where I was going! After a short run, another block! A big hole in front of me with water on it, before I decide what to do, I see a toad from the other side of the path jumping in the hole! 
There were thunderstorms and breezes! Something squished my ears 
‘What was that? ‘She asked,
’A toad in the hole ‘I replied. 
‘That’s not a toad, that’s a frog’ she said! 
Then I heard another voice,’Jump!’
 ‘Jump to where?’ I asked .
Before I say anything else I felt a push behind my back. I was on my way down to another hole. I shouted loud ‘no way ‘and I was up sweating on my bed. 
I looked around, my wife was looking at me
'What’s wrong with you tonight?’ she asked.
’ Am having bad dreams, where are we? I asked her
’ In Yorkshire’ she replied. 
 "What did we have for dinner last night? I asked her.
’A toad in the hole’ she replied! 
I switched off light, cuddle her and go back to sleep while saying to myself’ It wasn’t a toad in the hole; it was a toad in the hell.' Good night!.

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