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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A PROMISE, a poem by Eagle Brave



by Eagle Brave

Some call me the arrival,
Some call me a survivor,
Some call me the lost one,
I call myself number one,
Nine months in my months in my mom’s womb,
I couldn’t hear anything than a comb,
Now I am her crying,
I came here smiling,
Surrounded by sad faces,
Different nations, different races,
I want to go back I can’t,
I want to fight back! That’s right,
Pollution, diseases everywhere,
Earthquakes, tsunamis not fair,
I was promised a beautiful land,
My excitement! Buried to the sand,
I smell blood, nations fighting,
Innocent children, women killing,
Hunger, poverty everywhere,
I want to go back, nowhere,
I look up the sky; the sun tells me fight,
I look up the clouds, the moon tells right,
The big seas, oceans I hear voice,
Fight for your right, that’s the choice,
I say to myself I’m brave,
I will fight to the grave,
Wisdom, integrity my weapon,
My stay here is for a season.

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