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Sunday, 26 June 2016



Amazing and reflective drive up.
I detoured via the mountains of Glenshee and right into the heart of the Cairngorms, much deeper then I'd been before. 
So many valleys and scree hills, ox-bow lakes and glens. 
The road snaked and wound around the bottom of many valleys like itself was a stream. 
I stopped briefly at Glenshee Ski Centre, where I had thick lentil soup, tea and a chicken piece.

I set off again on a downward slope of a road that seemed to roll on for ever and ever! 
Each meander of this road revealed new scenery that makes your heart skip a beat.
The sides of the road are marked with tall red and white stripy poles. These mark the road when it's covered in snow.
Some of the peaks had snow on them.

The weather on the summits was a mixture of brilliant sunshine, fork lightning and snow, all at once! It was crazy!

Driving through the thickets of trees and forests, I stopped a few times to listen to the sound of absolute silence. If I strained, I could probably hear the trees growing!

So that was my journey northbound towards rural Aberdeenshire!


                                       GLENSHEE SKI CENTRE


                                        GLENSHEE (Wiki)


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