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Wednesday, 1 June 2016



                                            BANGERS AND MASH RECIPE



Bangers and mash, also known as sausages and mash, is a traditional British Isles dish made of mashed potatoes andsausages, the latter of which may consist of a variety of flavoured sausage made of pork or beef or a Cumberland sausage.[1] It is sometimes served with onion gravyfried onionsbaked beans, or peas. It is mostly eaten in the United KingdomCanadaAustralia, and New Zealand.[citation needed]
This dish, even when cooked at home, may be thought of as an example of pub grub—relatively quick and easy to make in large quantities.[1] More up-market varieties, with exotic sausages and mashes, are sold in gastropubs, as well as less sophisticated alternatives being available in regular public houses.
Bangers & mash is commonly served in so-called 'Irish pubs' in the United States - although there is little or no evidence that the dish is quintessentially Irish, as distinct from 'British' (in the broadest sense of the word)


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