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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

SEEKER'S BALLAD, a folk song for seekers and visionaries


                                                     SEEKER'S BALLAD (Youtube video)


                                                       DANIEL MACKLER, Author at Mad in America


                                                       WILDTRUTH---Healing from Childhood Trauma

My name is Daniel Mackler and I am a filmmakerwriter, and musician based in New York City.  I also worked for ten years as a psychotherapist in New York, though I ended my therapy practice in 2010.  My writings focus on the causes, consequences, and radical mackler photo 1 smallersignificance of childhood trauma.  I see childhood trauma as ranging from the extreme, which is common, to the mild, which is so much MORE common that few even notice it at all, much less call it by its proper name.  I view the norm in our culture as being highly traumatized and I view the average, and even above-average, childhood as being extremely traumatic – and the average parent as lacking both awareness of this and deep empathy for the child.
I see our world growing more pathological, confused, polluted, overpopulated, and disturbed by the day – and I feel that to stand by and say nothing while we destroy our planet is irresponsible and even criminal.  Yet I write with great hope – both for individual healing and for the collective healing of our world.  I seek to offer a new perspective – on relationships, on manifesting the best of ourselves, on the potential value of celibacy, on parenting, on the pathology of the family system, and on the future of our species.

                                                       DANIEL MACKLER (Youtube video)


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