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Saturday, 7 January 2017



      I am writing this short article following an impassioned debate in my writers group, as the Trump-Brexit era approaches.

     It is essential for us to protect and defend our multi-cultural Society, since without this our vibrancy and future creativity will be lost. Over harsh immigration measures, and demands that immigrants should be forced to speak English all the time or over-conform to some stupid sense of Britishness, would lead us into a desperate vacuum where we are left to further machinations by the manipulative politicians and Faragians,

    Ethnic minorities should be enabled to develop and enhance their own cultures, while interacting in  positive ways with everybody, They should not, I personally believe, be permitted to rule themselves according to their own legal systems or to coerce their women or young people in socially unacceptable ways.

    I believe that their is too much brainwashing of our children by religion, in particular Christianity, in many parts of our Society, I believe that our children should be taught human values instead, and I have recently resigned my membership of St, Andrews and St, George's West Church in Edinburgh, for this and related reasons, (Please see my on-line Google Two Star Review for more details) Maybe only adults should be taught about religion, and then in a comparative manner which brings out the best, common factors from all religions e.g, mutual empathy and support for the whole of humankind,

    How should we treat people who we regard to the right of us? We should of course accommodate and seek to influence them for the betterment of human kind, unless of course they are arch-Tory politicians, raving Ukippers, T-party Republicans and the like, I would regard House Speaker Paul Ryan from Wisconsin as falling somewhat beyond the acceptable borderline, since he wishes to abolish food stamps. If we were ever to achieve a Utopian democracy, then the key test of its credibility would be as to whether it would tolerate a diversity of views within it.

     Would we need frontiers between countries or communes within a Utopian democracy? Unfortunately, we would probably need them for our World Society to be able to function efficiently in practical terms, Meanwhile the teachings of the Anarchists gain more and more credibility. Many scholars think that Christ himself was an Anarchist, and that the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) were composed as liturgies by a Jewish grass roots group who vehemently opposed the Establishment of the day.


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