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Tuesday, 20 December 2016



     Here is an excerpt from my novel 'THE GRAND OLIGARCHS OF QINSATORIX' which has been published on

                                                     KINDLE EDITION

     A fortnight later, a Spanish interloping beam diverted twenty-four drone-triangles and created a window in the magnetosphere through which it was relatively safe for the Icarian spacecraft to travel. The technicians in the space station in Castile placed bets and stayed glued to their monitors, all eager to see what happened next.
General Spunk Spitfire picked his yellowy green gnashers as he took off from Gatwick in the first of twelve mega-ships. A total of 60,000 well-seasoned troops were travelling with the space fleet. After completing a couple of orbits, the fleet headed for the magnetosphere.
Stan, the affable Apollo gorilla pilot, grinned. “We're approaching the window of divine opportunity, Sir.”
Spitfire smiled. “Top ho'!”
Stan growled, “Whoops!”
A stray drone-triangle took off the tail of the third mega-ship in line.
In Castile, the Spanish technicians laughed their heads off when they saw the troubled spacecraft burst into blue and red flames.
Stan grimaced.
“We've lost one, Sir,” he said. as the mega-ship hurtled in a fireball through the exosphere.
“There's eleven left,” snorted Spitfire. “Put your foot on the peddle!”

To Spunk's utter relief, there was no further incident of note for fully seventeen space hours. His legs were beginning to cramp when he saw a bright blue patch beyond Bellatrix Minora.
“There she blows!” bellowed Stan.
Spitfire guffawed. “Way to go! It's the Shepherdess of Orion.”
Thirty seconds later, the space fleet entered the not-so-black hole and streamed smoothly through the Wittgenstein Wormhole before emerging into the psychedelic razzmatazz that was the Universe of Transfiguration.
“This is where the dreams in your head merge with the dreams in the stars,” said Spitfire, waxing lyrical.
Stan twisted the pilot stick. “I didn't know we were going on that sort of trip.”
When Spunk Spitfire saw Sigma-Psi looming bright green behind the Scorpion Sunstar he asked Stan to guide the fleet closer, to take a peek. To his surprise, he saw a shining, silver space station orbiting the Planet of the Dragoks. Upon closer scrutiny, he determined that the space station was Castellos.
They've undoubtedly seen us too, realized Spitfire, and that could scupper the devious plans that I've been keeping bottled in the back of my post-Neanderthal skull.
But Spitfire looked back while his fleet was soaring through the Mousy Way. Castellos had come out of orbit, and was heading in the general direction of the Kronecker-Delta planets.

Thank goodness for that, enthused Spitfire. Now I can now put plan “Strike 'Em Hot” into operation, and humpty-dumpty Caleb won't know the fuck. I'll destroy his ghastly siblings and take the throne of Qinsatorix by right of conquest. King Emperor Spunkius the First, here we come! My poor, dear father would've been so proud.

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