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Tuesday, 12 April 2016



                                Why do so many of us like bare bottoms? You tell me!

                               CAMBRIDGE STUDENTS BARE THEIR BOTTOMS




1 comment:

  1. I can't pretend to know what led you to dwell on bare bottoms here, but at age 64, I've been a bottom fancier pretty much all my life. I should point out, though, that mine is the only male bottom of any interest to me. My love is otherwise for the female backside. The 10th picture from the top of this page, featuring a girl standing at attention on a rooftop, naked except for blue knee-length stockings, showcases a truly fabulous bottom. OMG, what I wouldn't give to have those heavenly globes at my supremely adoring mercy!

    To be honest, much of my passion for bare bottoms (including my own) has directly to do with spanking. I was profoundly fascinated with over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking by the highly impressionable age of six. The fact that I was only ever threatened with a spanking as a boy and never given one can't have done anything but help make ritualistic bottom warming my forbidden fruit.

    When I used to visit a nude beach in these parts, I was completely consumed with bare bottoms. I took a naughty delight in casually flaunting my own, face-down on my blanket, and then lazily strolling in and out of the water.

    To me, our bottoms are a uniquely compelling embodiment of the pure and the profane. I'm convinced it's only because we're spanked on our bottoms, and not our elbows or our foreheads, that spanking has endured for countless generations.

    I wish I could've been part of Yoko Ono's film on bottoms...a real pity.