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Saturday, 18 April 2015

I am starting this blog in Brighton where I am on holiday with Thomas, and it is 18th April 2015. I will be publishing my poetry here together with other items of interest. You may also like to visit my literary home page   where you will also find my two self-published novels  Grand Schemes on Qinsatorix and In the Shadows of Calton Hill. I am currently completing my 'Trithagoras Trilogy' of Plays, namely the three satires

Workfare in the Royal Nuke

Grand Schemes on Qinsatorix

and Academic Life on Qinsatorix

I am a co-founder and member of the Edinburgh All Comers Writers Club which meets at 7pm every Tuesday evening in Sofi's Bar in Henderson Street in Leith

In 2014 I published my Personal History of Bayesian Statistics with John Wiley&Son (up to 1972) and the chapters for the modern era are available on my website

I am currently the Administrator for Mental Health Discussions Edinburgh

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and I am actively involved in publicly campaigns regarding the widespread devastating side effects of psychiatric medications, and the brain damage which is routinely caused by ECT

      I am a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Founding Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis

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