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Thursday, 30 June 2016

MONJU-YA GENROKU YOSHIWARA, A poem for gay people by James L.S. Carter


                                                    MONJU-YA GENROKU YOSHIWARA ****

                                                                     by James L.S. Carter

                                                    Wagtailing thro' back alleys to get there,

                                                    The errant Rose-gang Ronin's deviant course

                                                     Fails to alarm the rumour of his force;                               ;

                                                     The thrill of evening lanterns whiffs the air,

                                                     The mistress banters while the beauties mute

                                                      Stand in a line, w' empty thoughts in mind:

                                                      Faces you want to penetrate behind,

                                                      Buy and possess the one you find most cute.

                                                      The kettle boils, and clogs are doffed at doors

                                                      Sliding apart. Hot water is prepared;

                                                      Kimonos are removed, and bodies bared.

                                                      Bathed, the wakashu crouches on all fours.

                                                      The ripples of the froth, The whole scene seems

                                                      One long sick dream where are no dreams.

                ****  The name of a shop where in the Edo period (1603-1868 ) of Japanese history clients could purchase the services of wakashu (male rent boys)


James's poem was published on page 14 of the Second Annual  James Kirkup Poetry Competition Anthology  in 2011, by Red Square Press, James won second prize in this prestigious competition, He is one of the finest of Scottish classical poets

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