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Friday, 6 May 2016

SCOTT F's Beauty in Many Places


                                             THE BEAUTY IN MANY PLACES (SCOTT F.)



About me.

"The state of the world calls out for poetry to save it"-Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
From Edinburgh, Scotland. Unabashed anti-authoritarian lefty. Ecletic Explorer of ideas. Perpetually outraged activist. Creative being. Writer. Poet.

Interested in Disability studies, Intersectionality, Feminism, Queer Theory, Post-Colonialism, Environmentalism & Social Ecology, Privilege Theory, Marxism/Libertarian forms of Marxism, Anarchism,

Living my life like a story I'm writing. Life is an Adventure. Life is a piece of art. Still tryin to figure most things out an learnin each day how difficult that is.    
I feel most free,most alive, most fulfilled, most at peace when I'm writing, protesting, amongst nature or in a mosh pit.
Main Interests: Music, Poetry, politics, philosophy,
Fav Poets and Writers: Charles Bukowski, Walt Whitman, Andrea Gibson, Robert Garioch, Edgar Allan Poe, Allen Ginsberg, Baudelaire, Haruki Murakami,
Agnes Torok, Sorley Maclean, Kenneth Rexroth, Hollie Mcnish,Nick Ford, Matthew Richards,
I return again and again to Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass,The Tao Te Ching,Montaigne's Essays and ideas of John Dewey.

This blog covers poetry,short stories,photography,diary entries and my non fiction writing on politics/philosophy and anything else which comes to mind.

My poetic manifesto
summed up its :-
1. Poetry is most alive when spoken and/or performed
2. Poetry (and poets) cannot exist in a vacuum or ivory tower away from politics and philosophy. No literature can be completely apolitical nor should it be so it is best to be unashamedly political.
3. Poetry can be entertainment too sometimes. Its all about balance.
4. Performance poetry is the future of poetry. And yet page poetry is not completely irrelevant.
5. Good writing has fulfils many purposes. I enjoy writing that entertains and makes you think.
6. The personal is political.
7. Honesty, simplicity,eloquence, anti-elitism.
8. Poetry for the masses, not the 
ruling classes!

please feel free to call me out on anything you find problematic.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Come and understand me here-
Omnia sunt communia.

Untitled and written in a rush.


In the city of the siege of civil war
where La Pasionara said " No Pasaran"
my train of thought is blocked
lost amongst a guddle of voices
sub tierra, and trying to say to them
"Espanol un poco".

Scotland to Spain
From Ethel to Stuart to me
the long line of history
yesterday painting a picture
setting the scene for situations to come.

By the square of the moon,
I found a temporary home.

Agua, swollen finger, what's for dinner?
You'll have had your tea?
No, I've no an I'm still hungree...
comedy with comrades, Que cono jokes, squats, social centres,
late night biera and tapas, drunken "Buenas noches" to sex workers as I pass.

Once the Indignados were here, near the gate of the sun
contra La Crisis,  inspired Occupy and the Arab Spring
when the day was done.

And sunday markets of the Left
anarchists and communists
uneasily side by side
like the popular front of 36.
And facing the fate of Paris May 68
or the russian raids of 1918
arguments over stalls, the whole bullshit repeated
the party line of '39,
those dark days in Barcelona
anarchist and POUM crushed.

Dizzied by Dali, and Guernica faced out at me
the legacy of Franco remains
in law and in street names
Ley Mordaza, Pandora and Pinata
Monica and Franscico up in court
the pact of forgetting so obscene
a dream
pretends that crimes can be buried
horrors witnessed can be unseen.
Words on walls whispered
"Otro mundo es posible"
and told the tales of remembering
CNT survives
and Anarchismo lives and breathes,
despite it all,

Melting on the last day, bag of inspiration
hot with the sun and radically intense perspiration!

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